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  • Into the Woods: Our Trees


    • Cherry is a rich wood that is light to dark reddish-brown.
    • The grain has a a nice contrast of light and dark.


    Red Oak

    •Oak can vary from an almost pink colour to reddish-brown. The grain is deep and relatively straight. 

    •Oak is the only wood that we use that isn't sourced from our property. 


    Red Maple

    • Red maple has a tight grain which can vary from straight to figured.
    • Pens made from the heartwood are light brown; pens made from the sapwood are lighter in colour.  


    White Ash

    • White Ash is light-coloured and generally straight grained. 
    • The Emerald Ash Borer has destroyed vast areas of the species in North America. To date, we are unaffected.

    Other Woods

    • We also make pens from other varieties of wood found on our property, such as elm, basswood, tamarack, apple and grapevine. 

    • Each pen is artistically Canadian and has its own unique character.
    • No two pens are exactly the same. 
    • All prices include free shipping.